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What To Do With Your Logo

Updated: Feb 18

Your logo: The most important piece to your company. Your logo is the face of your business and you will use it EVERYWHERE which is why it’s important to have a logo that can work on all mediums and platforms. Also, just some words of advice, once you get your finished logo from your designer, be sure they supply you with ALL, and I mean ALL files. This will then let you go and have fun with printing and using your logo on the following mediums:

  1. Business cards (this one could go either way, if you didn’t pay your design for business cards and you are doing a DIY approach)

  2. Letterhead (another bread and butter of my branding packages) but if you didn’t pay you’ll need it for this

  3. Notecards, since there is always a need for a note to send to someone!

  4. Thank You cards which add an extra touch

  5. Envelopes to be used with your cards or notecards

  6. Website, the most important digital piece you have

  7. Order a mug for you and your coworkers

  8. Email signature, which is similar to your printed letterheads

  9. Social media profile images, which are key in today’s era

  10. Brochures based on the type of business you have

  11. Invoices/Estimates/proposals, which you will be doing a lot of

  12. Office items such as pens, USBs, sticky notes, and more

  13. Signage for your building that acts as free advertising

  14. Car graphics, because who wouldn’t want more free advertising?

  15. T-shirts, hats and totes, which are great to give away for freebies or for the family

There are many more places you can use your logo but these are 15 ways to start now. The possibilities are truly endless! Adding your logo to several places will help add consistency and brand awareness, which is exactly what your brand should be doing! Have you used your logo on something interesting in order to promote your business? If so, what is it?

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