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Must-Have File Formats For Your Logo

Yay! So you just got your logo, now what? Making sure that you have all  file formats is super important in making sure that your logo always looks its best. As a designer with almost a decade of experience, I've noticed that most clients need a little background and guidance in this field.


A specific program, known as illustrator, creates a file. This file is known as a vector. No matter what size the picture is, whether scaled up or down, the picture retains the same quality. For example, when your picture is scaled up for a billboard or in contrast, scaled down to be printed on a pen, it looks perfect. The most common file types are AI, EPS and SVG. Vectors are best used for any type of printing to ensure perfect quality.


A JPEG or JPG is generally known for images/photos. JPEGS can be used for both print and web, however, the correct color format needs to be used. Print is for CYMK and Web is for RGB (Don't worry! In the future I will create a blog post explaining this). JPEG is used best for websites and digital needs such as email marketing, web banners, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 


A PNG is used exclusively for the web. This means it can be used ONLY for digital needs, like Websites and Email Marketing Please remember that PNG can NOT be used for printing. PNGs can't be converted into CYMK and are only RGB. The best thing about PNG files is that it holds a transparent background.

Vector, JPEG, and PNG are the most common and needed file formats for logos. Of course some companies might ask for a different type, but that is one in a million!

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