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How to add Pizazz to your company branding

Updated: Feb 18

Being unique with your brand is what makes your company one of a kind. No matter what field you are in there are always ways to add excitement and personality. Put yourself in a buyers shoes for a moment and picture 2 different businesses. 1 with nothing special and another which seems to have a real person behind the face of the company. If you had to pick between the 2 businesses most likely you would choose option 2. A great example of a company who more recently rebranded was ADP. Their current branding has added extra excitement from their colors to use of organic shapes to make your eye move around the page. Who would have known that an all in one HR company could be so exciting. Below are a few steps to help give insight on how to enhance and boost your brand personality to the max.


As mentioned by not only me but many other designers, a logo is what makes you, you! It’s your brand DNA from square 1. It’s the fingerprint to your business! Generally this is the first thing people will see about your business and first impressions mean everything! Think about your brand and your target audience. This will help determine the look and feel of your logo. Are you looking to sell to millennials or only females? By giving your logo a voice and vibe will help to start your company’s vibe. COLORS

Colors can say a lot about a brand. Are you looking for a neutral color palette because you want a softer vibe or are you looking for a bold color scheme to attract a younger target audience? Just like your logo colors can do a lot to help determine and give your company a feeling to viewers.


Added elements like patterns or textures help to give movement to your brand. Think about the inside of your house or apartment. Most likely one room or more has some type of texture or pattern. Just like your room patterns and textures will add excitement and engagement to your brand. Use these elements in all your pieces such as business cards, website, promotional items, packaging and more.


Yes! Even words help to give your brand personality. I love when I find a company that uses content to drive their voice to the next level. An example of a company who does this is RX Bars. With their phrase No B.S it’s a play on words which make your laugh but will also help you to NOT forget them. It’s little elements like this that add to the excitement of your brand.


Yes, like myself I actually dread putting up pictures of myself. But adding an image of YOU to your website helps to give your brand that last finishing tough of pizazz. We all want to know who’s behind the curtain. So don’t be shy add that photo of you!

Owning a small business is amazing! The one reason is because you can closely work with a designer to help you add personality to your company. Never think because you are too small you can’t have fun with your brand. And no matter what company or business you are, there’s always room to add excitement! What businesses have you seen that have great brand personality?

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